Learn to Narrow Your Search For Buying Bar Mitzva Tallits

When you are starting to organize the essentials for the ceremony of bar mitzvah, you have dozens of tasks tangling around. But among all of them, shopping for a bar mitzvah tallit remains on top.

If you are buying online, you will need to select among dozens and have it shipped to your place from Israel. Since shipping takes a few days, don't wait for the last hour. Bar Mitzvah tour offers and learns all about your heritage and participates in the fun, energetic activities that will reveal Israel for you.

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Once you have a list as per your son's taste, it is time to look for the sizes. There are two types – Narrow and Traditional. Some conservative Jews prefer the narrow prayer shawls. It wraps around the neck, hangs down at the front and is only 18, 24 or 28 inches wide.

Traditional tallits, on the other hand, hangs down in front as well drape down the back. In general, the traditional ones are around 44 or 48 inches. Prices also increase as traditional tallit takes two or three times more material than the narrower ones.

The best part of a handmade or custom made tallit – it comes with a matching bag and kippa. Many modern tallits add it at a lower cost. Check for all the options before you place an order. Also, the tzitzit is an important part of a tallit.

Most of them are machine-spun, but till date, hand-spun tzitzits are preferable among the masses. If you are buying it from a reliable manufacturer like Galilee Silks, you will only have the hand-spun ones.

For making the ceremony special, parents play an active role. One of the finest ways is to tie the tzitzits yourself. It is not an overwhelming process but is an exciting DIY task. After all, you are giving your son his first tallit!